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Bernie's Bargain Basement

Assorted 2nd-hand items - from VCRs to old VHS movies and everything in-between!

Miniature, to scale souvenir  Eiffel Tower.  Imported via Paris, France!

(Click on photo for larger image)

From Paris France - but it reminds us of someone we don't like anymore. 

Metallic with silvery finish - in excellent condition.

Please take it away... 




Perfect travel-sized chess set.  NEW!

Fully magnetic - for trains, planes and automobiles.

Fits in a man's jacket breast pocket or a lady's purse.

Great for kids.  No batteries required and it gives their brains a workout - not their reflexes.

Excellent level of detail on these Staunton pieces, considering the size and portability.

$5 - while supplies last.


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