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        Laptops! - pre-owned

Previously-owned laptops - under $500!

Bare bones laptops made in the USA with CD-ROM drive, floppy drive, hard drive, modem and 12" color displays.  Perfect for email, web-surfing, word-processing.  Pre-loaded with Windows 98 OS!  Complete with A/C power supply and optional carry case.


Pentium 4 laptops - under $700!
          Previously-owned Pentium 4 laptops.  17" color display, complete with A/C power supply.

        Business Cards
Business Cards designed, printed and delivered for you!  From the simplest one-sided card to raised surface, dual-sided professional grade marbelized and watermark stock cards offered in a variety of colors.  Outshine anything your friends can do on a mere inkjet or laser jet printer.
        Bishop Rare Books

Rare Books for Sale - from the Bishop Industries Antiquities Library - all books over 100 years old, from literature to philosophy from international authors.  The Masterpieces of the World's Greatest Authors in - History, Biography, Philosophy, Economics, Politics; Epic and Dramatic Literature, History of English Literature, Oriental Literature, Orations, and Essays...

        Bernie's Bargain Basement

Assorted 2nd-hand items - from VCRs to old VHS movies and everything in-between!

        Katya's Earring Kiosk
        Ronnie's Comic Book Corner

Comic books!


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