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Registered and serving Manhattan since 1996:

Computer Sales, computer services and much more! 

Welcome to our new home page.  There are QUICK-LINKS above to immediately get you to our specific products and services offered to our New York City neighbors.  (Go!  It's New York, we understand.)  For those of you in less of a hurry, read on...

Our Mission

Bringing affordable laptops and integrated, personable Tech Support and Consultation to our fellow New Yorkers - in Manhattan.   

Rekindling the all-but-lost art of IN-HOME service including on the WEEKEND (when you're actually home). 

Ensuring that the VERY SAME people who actually SOLD you the computer - are there to SERVICE, UPGRADE and SUPPORT your computer in the years to come. 

Eliminating 'strangers' in Tech Support and Customer Service who don't know you from Billy Gates! 

Providing you with long-term support on a first name basis with us - (from direct lines with 24/7 voicemail and direct email to the sales, customer service and tech support staff).

You get no automated menus!

A REAL PERSON will call you back!  Currently it will either be Erik or Sandy.  That's a 50% chance it will be the owner of the business himself.  More on Erik below -including his cell phone number (In Michael Moore-style we've included it...  Accountability is everything.)

Lastly, we have also expanded our services to include Copyright, Proprietorship, Partnership and Sales Tax Registration forms for New York, transcribing of scripts, term papers, digitization and encryption of vital documents, business cards and Web-presence consultation, design and support...

Be you an actor, poet, novelist, screen-writer, dancer, choreographer, painter or photographer -

we are here to support our fellow artists and creative servers of the Muses!

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Our Products and Services - in brief:


Previously-owned laptops for students and budget-conscious New Yorkers

From bare-bones units to Pentium 4's, all American brand, tough, previously-owned units.

Business Cards - from a 'starter' economy 500 count to double-sided, embossed multi-colored



Bishop Rare Books - hard to find books, as well as genuine Antique tomes over 100 years old






PC Hardware and software repairs - our Manhattan repair shop is fully stocked with diagnostics


Personalized, one-on-one computer tutoring at your home or office -

Website construction - we will help you conceive, design and build your own website!


Disaster Recovery Methodology:  Bishop Industries - Traveling Scanning, data-backup, encryption and data disposal services (identity theft protection)

Artists, writers, composers, choreographers – protect your Creative Property! - Copyright registration kit

Register your own small business in New York!  Sole Proprietorships and Partnerships - full paper work - forms and applications as WELL AS printed, detailed instructional registration procedures brought right to your home or office. 


Company Profile

“B.I. is not a ‘churn-‘em-and-burn-‘em’ operation.  Some of our customers have been with us since the mid 90s.  We don’t just sell you a computer then forget you.  Our reputation and our livelihood is based upon word of mouth - building strong customer relationships, one-by-one, over time.  We're a small firm and we can neither afford nor allow customer dissatisfaction.  That's why we even offer optional warranty plans on previously-owned AS-IS laptops and towers from our 'Bargain Basement' collection.  We come to your home or office in Manhattan*.  We're not a slick catalog or an 800 # automated operator.  When we say Free Consultation - we MEAN IT.  We call or meet with you for free, assess your needs then recommend a particular computer system, product or approach to meet those needs.  We've been in business since 1996 and we'll be here for you -- when other, bigger companies seem to develop post-sale amnesia."  - Erik - President of Bishop Industries New York

* confirm your zip code for FREE HOME INSTALLATIONS.  Not ALL areas of Manhattan are serviceable yet for this special offer...



Erik's direct line:  1-347-684-0902

About Erik:


Artist  ,


Entrepreneur -

Click on a category above for some details on Erik.



Optional warranty plans available - on previously-owned laptops.

FREE INSTALLATIONS! (check currently serviceable zip codes - Manhattan only*…

Out-of-towners welcome, call to arrange a visit to our East Village Offices.)

Real, live Tech Support from our Help Desk – our repair shop is right in Manhattan.

Competitive prices!  Long-term tech support and upgrade assistance! 

We fix what we sell!  The same people who sell you your computer give you tech support. 

With your customer ID number there is no long story to tell when you call us.  We already know what unit you’ve bought so troubleshooting any problems is streamlined…

Serving New Yorkers since 1996!  Authorized New York State Sales Tax Collection

Ask for referrals from our recent customers. 

Call or email us anytime!


Erik, Founder and President of Bishop Industries New York - on vacation in Upstate New York (without his razor!):


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Re: Initial Computer Sales and later computer support:

'Erik at Bishop Industries New York  sold me my first USB-capable laptop in December and has been available ever since to help with new software installs, setting up my new printer and even gave me introductory tutorials on Microsoft applications.  I highly recommend Bishop Industries!  They don't 'disappear' after the bill is paid...'          Burnett L.  - Dominoes, NYC


Re: Secure data disposal…

'I didn’t have to worry when my Dell Hard drive died.  I had 40 gigs of confidential data which I didn't want to just toss in the incinerator room.  Bishop Industries New York removed the drive and made the confidential data unreadable.  I have it on my mantle piece now... an unreadable, twisted metallic mushroom sculpture.'                                    Lesley S.   -    New York City


Re: Tech support - even on a computer NOT bought from Bishop Industries…

'I called Bishop Industries when my digital camera didn't work with my older laptop.  They took both items to their workshop and had everything running perfectly within a few days of pick-up.  They're fast and I love the convenience of their pick-up and drop-off service, since I'm rarely home.   I will definitely call them the next time something goes wrong with my system.'            Prince J.  - Doctor's Council Welfare Fund, New York

Contact Information:



Postal address
416 East 10th Street, #6C, New York, NY 10009



FOR General Information  Scheduling pick-up of malfunctioning computer, SCHEDULING AN IN OFFICE OR AT HOME TUTORIAL, pricing, etc.:

For Sales & Post-purchase Support, complaints, technical support, upgrades, etc.:

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