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Artists, choreographers, composers and writers protect your Creative Property! 

Anonymous artist, Beethoven, after 1820,

oil, copy after the oil portrait of Beethoven

by Joseph Karl Stieler of 1819-20,

private collection, Turin.(1)

Copyright registration:

Screen writers and choreographers must register their creations to protect them. 

Novelists and poets must likewise register with the Library of Congress to assure

some protection of their work prior to distribution.  People steal other people's

ideas all the time.  Such theft has been going on since the dawn of mankind. 

It has even been posited that Leonardo Da Vinci himself intentionally modified

his designs in the advent of theft, i.e. the man-powered armored vehicle design.

(In his day there weren't patents yet, so this theory would make sense.  If anyone

stole his plans and tried to build the machine he'd designed, it wouldn't work. 

It is believed that he reversed the crank mechanisms shown below...) 



One great idea, be it a script, a treatment or some advertising copy, i.e. Madison Avenues

"Where's the Beef?" and "Got Milk?" can mean revenue for an entire lifetime.  Creativity is

priceless.  So, the cost of registering your dance number or screenplay or poem anthology - 

is well worth it. 





There are different forms for these various creative properties.  Bishop Industries will deliver the appropriate forms to you along with written instructions on the further steps involved in securing copyright protection to you as a fellow artist or writer.


At a reasonable rate a Bishop Industries representative will visit you at your home and office, deliver the appropriate forms along with written instructions on the legal copyright application process. 

Lastly, AFTER you've received your 'registration kit' you can call us back for further help in the registration process.  That TOO, is a FREE call and service.  At Bishop Industries we don't 'churn 'em-and-burn-'em'.  We are here for you, for the long haul.


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