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Disaster Recovery

Our Traveling Scanning, data-backup, encryption and data disposal services (identity theft protection).


In the post-9/11 world New York businesses and individuals have to give more serious consideration to Disaster Recovery methodology.

For the prudent move of backing up your vital documents - be they articles of ownership or critical client files - Bishop Industries is there.  We come to your home or office, digitize your hard copy documents (via scanning) - back them up to high-density/ rewritable/encrypted media.

 Only you and those you specifically designate will have the passwords required to retrieve this encrypted collection of private/ critical data.

Storing this media off-site gives peace of mind in the advent/event of a fire, flood, network crash, etcetera.  Bishop Industries provides these services to individuals and small businesses in Manhattan - at incredibly affordable prices.  What price would you put on your vital personal and corporate data? 

One of our clients, a Mary Kay Cosmetics representative - had all of her client contact information and correspondence backed up by us on high-density media - in a matter of hours, in her home, at her convenience.

 Imagine all the years of client data, product preferences and credit history - lost due NOT having us come to your home, office or home-office one afternoon or evening.  Marriage and birth certificates, Title Deeds and Insurance policies.  All of these personal and legal documents can be quickly digitized and safely stored in a secure location.  Highly confidential data - such as client or financial records can be encrypted with a pass-key only you possess.  There is no extra charge for the encryption package.

DATA DISPOSAL SERVICE (Identity theft protection):

Also we offer data disposal.  Never simply 'toss' your old computer out.  Your Internet sign-ons and other critical personal data may still be on your hard drive!  Simply removing the hard drive does NOT guarantee a hacker won't get into the files stored on the hard disk. 

Bishop Industries will remove your hard drive - open it's core, demagnitize AND physically render the disks un-useable.  Afterwards we return the drive to you as a twisted sculpture souvenir for your shelf.  This simple, one-day process will give you genuine peace of mind and guaranteed security.






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